Introducing our 2022 Tanner Teacher of the Year

Congratulations, Nina Woodbury!

Day after day, our passionate, caring and dedicated teachers at Day Early Learning deliver high-quality early learning to the children in their care. They instill the essential skills young children need to thrive in kindergarten and beyond through purposeful play while ensuring each child’s individual needs are met. It takes a special person to effortlessly bring this to life in a vibrant and warm classroom environment. We are thrilled to announce that this year’s special teacher, receiving the 2022 Tanner Teacher of the Year award is Nina Woodbury, a toddler teacher at Day Early Learning Federal Building.

The Tanner Teacher of the Year is our annual award in recognition of an outstanding Day Early Learning classroom teacher. It is named after Gene and the late Rosemary Tanner, long-standing supporters of Early Learning Indiana, in honor of the endowment they started in 2019 to support teacher training and professional development.

We presented Nina with the award at Day Early Learning Federal Building. Nina’s co-workers, families and children joined us as we surprised her with a plaque and $1,000 cash prize.

Nina has worked with young children for over 29 years making her a well of early education knowledge. She joined Day Early learning in 2010, recently celebrating 12 years with us. Friends and family describe her as loyal, compassionate and funny. Her teammates describe her as the ultimate team player invested in the growth and success of others, serving as the resident expert on engaging and teaching young toddlers. Nina cares deeply about her work and looks beyond the classroom to offer insight in supporting positive child outcomes. She approaches life with a helpful heart and never misses an opportunity to sprinkle joy on the children in her care, families and everyone at Day Early Learning Federal Building.

Join us in congratulating Nina!

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