A challenge to our early childhood friends in Baltimore

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Day Nursery Colts fans in Avon

Game on! Day Nursery Indianapolis has issued an official wager to The New Rogers Avenue Day Nursery in Baltimore. The stakes are high as we head toward the Colts-Ravens game.   I just got off the phone with Ruth Johnson, their center director. She operates one site with 73 children ages 2 to 5 years old. Ruth is a huge football fan so she was excited to take part in the challenge.  After learning more about the size of her program compared to ours (she has 1 center, we have 7) we decided to keep the wager small. We are playing for a tub of Legos, a staple in most child care programs across the country.  I just finalized this an hour ago and Day Nursery Board member Steve Pockrass has already chimed in to say that on the rare chance we lose the wager, his family will donate the Legos to fulfill the bet.  He did hint that there is a good chance that the Legos in any container he would provide would be all blue and white–what else?? Go Colts!

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