Baltimore Day Nursery fans to pay off wager

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This just in from Baltimore….the Legos are heading our way!  We were lucky to connect last week with a Day Nursery in Baltimore that was willing to place a little wager on the Colts-Ravens game.  I just received this email from Ruth Johnson, the Center Director of the New Rogers Avenue Day Nursery on Wabash St. in Baltimore’s inner city.


MAYbe next year for the RAVENS

A tub of BLUE AND WHITE Legos will be there in two weeks.

Go Colts

Thanks to people like Ruth, Baltimore will continue to be a really cool city in my eyes.  Thanks to the children and staff of New Rogers Avenue Day Nursery!

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  • Larry

    At least they paid off their wager in the proper spirit, unlike their governor who replaced the Indianapolis Colts flag sent by our governor, with a BALTIMORE Colts pennant. That was very poor taste in my opinion.

  • Lindy

    Go New Rogers Avenue Day Nursery! Setting a great example for their kids. Good spirited fun.

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