Celebrating Black History at Day Early Learning

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To celebrate Black History Month, we brought attention to Black leaders in education. We chose to highlight these individuals because of their many accomplishments and contributions to the advancement of early learning and education. Check out the Educators You Should Know About series below.

Our classrooms also celebrated throughout the month with lessons consisting of books, art projects and activities. Check out our video for some highlights of what happened in our classrooms this month:

Augustus Jackson – Chef, Inventor, Entrepreneur

Augustus Jackson worked as a chef in the White House. He was known for creating a new way to make ice cream and many flavor creations. We learned about Augustus and celebrated him by making ice cream in a bag.

Bisi Ezerioha – Engineer, Professional Race Car Driver, Entrepreneur

Bisi gained recognition for building and driving the world’s fastest carbureted front wheel drive vehicle. We learned about Bisi’s many accomplishments and built our very own race car!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Activist, Civil Rights Leader

We learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I have a dream” speech and discussed our dreams for the future which included a loving world, helping friends when they are sick or hurt and going back in time to see a t-rex.

Harriet Tubman – Abolitionist, Political Activist

Harriet Tubman was born as an enslaved person in Maryland in 1822. In 1849, she escaped to freedom in Philadelphia. After escaping, she rescued an estimated 70 enslaved people. She also worked for the Union army as a cook, scout and spy. Harriet was the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the war, liberating an estimated 700 enslaved people. We talked about Harriet’s bravery and made lanterns to honor the amazing things she did under the cover of darkness.

Philip Freelon – Architect

Philip Freelon was an architect most known for leading the team that designed the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. We learned about Philip by reading “Dream Builder” by Kelly Starling Lyons. After reading about Philip’s accomplishments, we drew ‘blueprints’ of our center and displayed them outside of our classroom.

Rosa Parks – Activist, Civil Rights Leader

Rosa Parks was a civil rights leader most known for her role in the Montgomery bus boycott. We learned about Rosa and created our own bus.

William H. Richardson – Inventor

William H. Richardson improved and patented a new type of baby carriage. This improvement to the baby carriage allowed the bassinet to face the operator and turn 360 degrees in a smaller turning radius. 

Jean-Michel Basquiat – Artist

Jean-Michel Basquiat was a successful artist, first known for being part of the graffiti duo, SAMO. His art focused on dichotomies such as integration versus segregation. One of his works, untitled, sold for $110.5 million. This was one of the most expensive paintings ever purchased.

Almon Brown Strowger – Inventor, School Teacher, Entrepreneur

Almon Brown Strowger is best known for creating the first automatic telephone exchange in 1889. With the help of his nephew, William, he created the Strowger Automatic Telephone Exchange Company and installed his first commercial exchange in La Porte, Indiana.

Continuing Celebrations

It is important to remember that celebrating and educating our students about Black history is more than just something we do in February. We will continue this work throughout the rest of the year in all that we do.

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