Creepy Crawlers Week delights preschoolers

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Spaghetti in sensory tableThis week’s summer theme is all about Creepy Crawlers.  Yesterday, the children went on a bug hunt.  Tomorrow is Wormy Wednesday.  Today the calendar declared it Touchy Feely Day.  I couldn’t wait to hear what that was all about.  The answer just arrived in my email in box.  Check out this picture submitted by Day Nursery Hendricks County center director Joy McCall.  The Preschool3 teachers in Avon filled their sensory table with cooked spaghetti and report that their students really enjoyed this activity.  This boy went back to it every chance he had.  At one point, he was “building a Harry Potter castle”.  They were making all sorts of things out of the spaghetti.  One group of the kids made a hay stack!

Sensory tables provide children safe opportunities to experiment with many types of materials.  They are great places for children to learn social skills, cause and effect and hand eye coordination. The table is often filled with colored or soapy water or sand and when it is, the table is a great place to observe gravity, learn to use tools in new ways and strengthen and develop small muscle skills. The contents can easily be changed to fit the curriculum–thus the cold, wiggly, slightly slimy spaghetti in the table today.  Who says you can’t play with your food?

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