Day Nursery Avon Center preschoolers learn through sensory table

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Day Nursery preschoolers learning while using sensory tableMatt Miller, lead teacher of the 3 year olds of our Day Nursery Hendricks County Early Learning Center in Avon shared some pictures today of his preschoolers using their new sensory table apparatus.  Here’s a little bit more info from Mr. Matt about how it works and the benefits the children receive when working with it.  It’s basically a long chute running from a tall sensory table down to a lower sensory table. The material used is a combination of shucked corn and black beans. Not only is it a fun sensory activity, it’s also a great way to explore slopes, gravity and cause-and-effect. We also practiced many great fine motor and gross motor activities such as pouring the material from a pitcher into a bottle and carrying a bucket full of the mixture from the lower table back up to the higher table! Here’s a link to the blog that inspired our design. The blogger, Tom, has tons of sensory table ideas along with information about what skills the children are developing within the activity. Preschool sensory table in Day Nursery classroom

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