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Students in the 2 1/2-year-old class at the Day Nursery Federal Center have been talking about sharing during the last two weeks and have read and discussed the fable Stone Soup.  This story book is just one of several items in a learning kit they have borrowed titled You Are What You Eat.  In the fable some hungry travelers used whatever people would give them and put it in their soup.  The children made the story come alive earlier this week when they made their own stone soup with items they brought from home. Their teachers are Nina Woodbury and Brittany Walton.

The Pre-K class used the learning kit as a springboard to building a classroom restaurant. To start their project, they visited the cafe upstairs in the Federal Building and talked to the manager and the cook.  There were several props in the learning kit that came in handy in their restaurant including a cash register, cookbooks, pretend fruits and vegetables and a diagram of the food pyramid.  Shirley Williams is their teacher.

Day Nursery Federal Center Our Child Care Answers program has been making learning kits like this one available to child care providers in our city for several years through their Resource Library.  Membership in the library has recently been opened up to parents who would like to borrow materials.  The annual membership fee of $20 allows parents to check out materials for up to four weeks at a time.  For more info about the Child Care Answers Resource Library contact Lenore Friedly 317-926-3401 ext. 312

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