Day Nursery Federal Center students enjoy St. Patrick’s Day parade

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Samayah's shamrock hat

I hope you got a chance to enjoy the fabulous weather yesterday.  The children of the Day Nursery Federal Center were delighted to have front row seats for the St. Patrick’s Day parade which started at their front door.  Day Nursery Center Director Sarah Parks reported the highlight (as she says it is every year) was the appearance of the Indianapolis Fire Department—a new truck followed by several old trucks.  Sarah reported that Sam and Elijah (their class is picured below) were the most excited of all for the firetrucks & were jumping up and down and waving.  The children also enjoyed seeing Sarah Fisher and her race car, which was hauled by a semi…so they loved the truck too.  They enjoyed the marching bands too…some marched to the beat, and others danced to the beat. Finally they enjoyed the characters which were part of the O’Malia parade unit.…Mr. Peanut, Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, Boo-Berry, Mr. Kool-Aid. The PreK classes made leprechaun and shamrock hats, and the babies had leprechaun hats as well. The kids had a blast as usual…many parents were able to come and enjoy the parade as well.

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