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Your thoughtsThe Day Nursery 2009 Spring Parent Survey is officially closed.  Thanks to all the Day Nursery parents who took the time to complete this important document.  We had an outstanding response.  The survey showed that 98.9% of the respondents felt that Day Nursery impacted their child in a positive way. A Day Nursery Guion Road parent wrote: My children are able to receive great care and get a good education. You can tell Day Nursery has impacted their lives in positive ways daily (even on weekends) by the way they relate to people and the good manners they have learned and that have been reinforced by the Day Nursery staff.  

We are finalizing the results and plan to share them with you next week.  Here’s a comment from a parent at the Day Nursery Indiana State Government Center. “My child has been in Day Nursery since he was an infant and is now 3, so he has grown in many ways since enrolling. I especially enjoy him interacting with his friends and talking and playing together. He has learned songs and many self-help skills. I see him do things on his own at school that he wants help with at home. I like that he is encouraged to do for himself and be part of the group and activities. It has been great for his social development.”

The area where parents thought we need the most work was in parent communications.  This is an area for improvement which has also been identified by our center management and senior management.  In the last year, company-wide we added this blog, started Twittering and added a monthly email newsletter for parents and supporters.  At the center level, each center has identified a member of their team to represent them on the parent communication committee and this group meets to discuss ways to reach out to parents more consistently in each center.  This parent comment reminds us why good parent communication needs to be a daily priority: I would like to have updates on my child’s development more often. The conferences that we have every 6 months are great. In addition to this I would think there would be a benefit to having informal conversations as 6 months is a long time. Something as simple as a phone call from the teacher to each parent once a month to talk about how the child is doing and developing, what is going well and what needs to be worked on at home, etc. That is just an idea of how to do this. I certainly ask the teachers when I have questions but typically that is what it takes before I hear how my child is doing unless there is an issue. Personally I want to know as much as I can to help my child so I think more communication is better.

Although our official parent survey is done annually each spring, your comments are welcome everyday.  Thank you for your participation.

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