Day Nursery preschoolers have fun while learning healthy habits

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It’s summer so that means a field trip to the Ruth Lilly Health Education Center by the Day Nursery preschoolers.  The students from the Day Nursery Clarian Center didn’t have far to go this week when it was time for them to make the trip.  They are so close to the center, they don’t even need a bus.   Since 1989 the RLHC has been delivering unique, age-appropriate health education programs. It’s a hands-on, high-tech, must-see learning experience.  Students enjoy learning about the importance of personal health and safety practices. Here are a few pictures the preschooler teachers snapped during their visit.

A student learns about the importance of flossing from Sheriff Tuffy Tooth

Day Nursery students have fun repeating the healthy messages they learned back to their teacher.

This is one of theatres used for high tech health education.

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