Day Nursery preschoolers learn about 9-1-1

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Carter practices calling 911

Carter takes his turn rehearsing a 911 emergency call with his teachers.

Practicing a 911 call

Three year old Jason practices a 9-1-1 call with his teacher, Ms. Sara as the dispatcher.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a fire truck in front of the Day Nursery Lilly Center, 3522 N. Central this Friday morning.  Firefighters from the Indianapolis Fire Department will be stopping by for a friendly visit to let the preschoolers check out their truck and to teach them about fire safety.  In anticipation of the visit, the teachers have incorporated these community helpers into the lesson plan. The two-year olds practiced STOP, DROP and ROLL and used make-believe “fire hoses” while wearing their fire hats.  Center Director Shannon Garrity said her center has been buzzing with anticipation of the Friday visit.  She couldn’t wait to share these pictures of the three-year olds practicing their 9-1-1 calling skills on their pretend telephones.  I thought Shannon took both pictures but I found out later that three-year old Kaila, a student in the class, actually snapped the picture of Ms. Sara and Jason doing some role playing. (I think little Kaila has a great future as a photographer!!).  Ms. Sara asked each child to practice saying their name and address and what emergency they were calling about to get them comfortable using the phone should they ever need to make this important call for real.  In case Kaila is busy Friday, I will be at our Lilly Center with my camera in hand when the fire truck pulls up.  Hopefully it will be a quiet morning in Indianapolis because our cook, Ms. Anita has chicken and noodles on the lunch menu and the firefighters have plans to stay and eat with the children.

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    It good to see that the Indianapolis Fire Department is willing to take time from their busy schedule to visit with these kids.

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