Day Nursery preschoolers visit IPS kindergarten classroom

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The PreK class of the Day Nursery Ruth A. Lilly Center on 3522 N. Central Avenue had a blast going across the street yesterday to visit IPS School 48 to shadow their kindergarten class.  Day Nursery Center Director Shannon Garrity shared her observations about the visit…..”With graduation earlier in the week, our Pre K students are now ready for kindergarten. So, they got to experience what happens when you get to kindergarten. They made a chart before they left of all of their questions. When they got back to the room, they re-read all of their questions and had some great answers. One student asked if the “new friends in big school would be nice?” when she got back to her room, Ms. Caroline asked the child if the kindergarteners were nice to her and she responded a resounding “yes”. Upon pick up this afternoon, I could hear all of the Pre K class telling their parents how much fun it was today at the school across the street.”

Day Nursery PreK graduates leave IPS school 48 after their visit to shadow the school’s kindergarten class.

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