Day Nursery Start Smart 4 Children Winter Wonderland

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So far December has been a very busy month.  It is time to do a little catching up with all the fun things happening in the Day Nursery Centers.  Let’s start with the December 4th holiday program produced by the students and teachers of our Day Nursery Start Smart 4 Children Center at Ft. Harrison.  With over 200 guests expected,  Center Director Debra Ballard and Assistant Director Jessica Stewart decided that the program was too big for any classroom they had so they scheduled it for the auditorium at the DFAS Center next door.  Every age group had a part in the program from the infants to the preschoolers.  Here’s a recap of some of our favorite moments.  Additional pictures can be found on our Facebook page.   IMG_1084 IMG_1038 IMG_1005 IMG_0987 IMG_0950 IMG_0880 IMG_0867 IMG_0865 IMG_0786 CROP IMG_0898 IMG_0945 IMG_0941 IMG_0914 IMG_0904 IMG_0902 IMG_0895 IMG_0839 IMG_0818 IMG_0817 IMG_9334

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