Day Nursery students share Valentines and friendship

 In In Our Classrooms

Federal Center

Ms. Kesha’s Preschool 1 classroom at the Day Nursery Federal Center made dip yesterday to go with their fresh fruit for their Valentine’s Day party today!  Each child got to practice washing their hands and measuring the ingredients for the dip–which included yummy things like marshmallow fluff and strawberry cream cheese.  Today they enjoyed their dip with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and pineapple—all while listening to songs like “I love my mommy & my mommy loves me” and of course exchanging Valentine’s Day cards.

Lilly Center

Day Nursery Ruth A. Lilly Center: The two-year olds were excited to show off their Valentine tree when I visited this morning and they were looking forward to the party in the afternoon with fresh fruit.  Ms. Sally Coombs had lots of fun treats planned for them later. Down the hall, Ms. Sarah and Ms. Caroline were laying out the supplies for their preschoolers to make cupcakes.  Their class also got to make milkshakes in the afternoon for their party.

Lilly Center

Hendricks County

Out in Avon at the Day Nursery Hendricks County Center, Mr. Matt and his students started the day by making strawberry-banana smoothies. Check out Brody…he is really into cutting up those strawberries. Mr. Matt knows this is an excellent fine motor skill building activity. The students used a plastic knife but Mr. Matt was NOT going to take his eyes off Brody as he paused for this picture.

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