Do we really need Legos just for girls?

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Earlier this week I read a posting on Twitter that hit my hot button.






I “retweeted” it and apparently so did a lot of other people because the comments continued to flow.



The buzz started after the media reported the toy maker was launching a new line  called “Lego Friends” full of pink and purples and little girl figures.  Marsha Hearn Lindsey, Chief Operating Officer at Day Nursery Indianapolis said she wished Lego would do a better job of adding new products without giving the impression through the marketing campaign that the products are gender specific.  “Lego teaches young children so many things including hand-eye coordination, basic principles of science like cause and effect, and in the youngest children early skills like sorting and colors–all the colors.”

Girl playing with Legos

Day Nursery Ruth A. Lilly Center

At Day Nursery, Lego blocks (or Duplo for the toddlers) can be found in every classroom. If  you Google the “educational value of Lego” the results scroll for pages.  Mitch Resnick,  Associate Professor and director of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Laboratory, and a member of the Lego Builders of Tomorrow group believes that through play, children develop and refine their imagination, curiosity and creativity. His work is based on the idea that as children playfully explore and experiment, they develop new ideas and new ways of thinking about the world around them.  He even has a podcast about the importance of creative play in early childhood which can be found through this link to the Lego website.  It is a good interview with him and I especially was interested in his emphasis on the  importance of providing children with opportunities to do things that they care about deeply.

If your child enjoys playing with Lego blocks, drop us a line and share their favorite things to do with Legos.

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