Don’t have a Colts shirt? No problem!

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Amy Cavin, who is the Office Manager of the Day Nursery in the Indiana State Government Center is a big Colts fan and she knows how to have fun with it.  When I put out a request to our centers to send me pictures of Colts fun, Amy couldn’t resist playing a little trick on the parents of one-year-old Cameron, pictured with her below.  You see, Cameron’s parents are HUGE Bears fans and they love to remind Amy of that fact every chance they get.  Today, little Cameron walked into the center in his Bears jersey, which Amy and Ms Cora turned inside out and redecorated with their favorite team.  I hear Cameron’s Mom is already planning her next move.  Go Colts!  If you know someone looking for excellent early care and education in the downtown area, the staff of the Day Nursery State Government Center would love to give them a tour.  They currently have openings for one year olds, four-year-olds and five-year-olds.  The center is open to the public (and fans of all NFL teams, no matter what this blog post might imply!)

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  • Lindy

    Totally, totally cute!!

  • Bryelle's Mommy

    Amy-I am glad Bry wasn’t there for this sort of torture!! 😀 Da Bears!!

  • Cameron's mommy

    My poor baby…you need to do an update with him and his shirt he wore for the parade. Go Bears!! :o)

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