Early Learning in the News: February 22, 2021

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How To Teach Kids To Be A ‘Helper’

Here’s some expert-backed advice for parents who want their children to be positive forces in their communities. – CLICK FOR FULL STORY

Activities and conversation starters during the coronavirus pandemic

Our Parents Helpline team share their tips for activities you can do with your child in self-isolation and how you can use this time to start a conversation with them about their mental health. – CLICK FOR FULL STORY

The pandemic’s psychological toll on our children

Mental health professionals and child psychologists have seen common issues like anxiety and depression exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. – CLICK FOR FULL STORY

Why We Need to Pay More Attention to the Youngest Children Right Now (and Their Parents)

Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, nearly everyone connected to children has raised the alarm about pandemic learning loss. Parents, educators, physicians and politicians — they might disagree on solutions, but they’re all concerned about how the current educational upheaval will affect K-12 students. – CLICK FOR FULL STORY

Google unveils new classroom tools as schools focus on remote learning

Google on Wednesday unveiled several new software tools aimed at remote learning, as teachers and students continue to meet in virtual classrooms amid the pandemic. – CLICK FOR FULL STORY

Biden says teachers and support staff should move up on vaccine priority list

President Biden said Tuesday night that teachers should move up in priority for getting vaccines, although he didn’t say whether he thinks teachers should be vaccinated before returning to the classroom. Mr. Biden’s own Centers for Disease Control has said teacher vaccinations are not a prerequisite for school reopenings. – CLICK FOR FULL STORY

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