Early Learning in the News: February 8, 2021

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Check out some of the latest news in the early learning industry!

4 Easy, Everyday Ways To Teach Your Kids About Representation

How parents can help their children understand and appreciate diversity. CLICK FOR FULL STORY

Fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids + #win

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get crafty with the kids. There are so many super cute Valentine’s Day crafts for kids which are fun and easy to do, and let’s face it…this year we need all the distraction we can get! CLICK FOR FULL STORY

A Spike in Cheating Since the Move to Remote?

New research finds a jump in the number of questions submitted to “homework help” website Chegg after the start of the pandemic, an increase the authors say is very likely linked to a rise in cheating. CLICK FOR FULL STORY


What Has The COVID-19 Pandemic Really Done To Toddler Development?

Some kids have lived half of their lives during COVID-19. What impact do early childhood development experts think that isolation will have on them? CLICK FOR FULL STORY

20 Signs You’re Actually Making A Difference As A Teacher

How can you know if you’re really making a difference as a teacher? You plan. You assess. You network. You collaborate. CLICK FOR FULL STORY

Here are the states allowing teachers to get Covid-19 vaccines

As the debate rages over when it’s safe for children to resume in-person classes, 24 states plus Washington, DC are allowing some or all of their teachers and school staff to receive Covid-19 vaccines. CLICK FOR FULL STORY

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