Early Learning in the News: March 15, 2021

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Why every teacher should spend a term in early years

Spending a term in early years would mean that all teachers – regardless of key stage – would be better able to respond to pupils’ needs, says Lizzy Price. – VIEW FULL STORY

Are We Raising Unhelpful, Bossy Kids? Here’s The Fix

Rosy does dishes — voluntarily. Getting the 2-year-old involved in chores did lead to the kitchen being flooded and dishes being broken. But now she is still eager to help.

It was a simple experiment. Lucia Alcala, a psychologist, built a tiny model grocery store with aisles and different items that she could put on a family’s dining room table. She and her colleagues brought the model store to 43 family’s homes along California’s Central Coast. Each family had a pair of siblings, ages 6 to 10. – VIEW FULL STORY

Parenting Tips from the Pros: How to Teach Children Not to Lie

Do you want a teen who lies, deceives, and sneaks behind your back to get what they want? No, you probably don’t—neither do I. Lying is a habit that starts when they are young. Then, by the time they have become teenagers, they would be proficient in lying because of years of practice. It is far better to teach children not to lie and instill in them the habit of honestly while they are young. Their character is dependent on their ability to be transparent, honest, and an unwillingness to bend the truth. Lying is a habit, as is honesty. – VIEW FULL STORY

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