Early Learning in the News: March 8, 2021

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When the COVID-19 pandemic first forced schools and workplaces to close across the United States in March 2020, Charlotte Klopp, a mother of three in North Carolina, thought, like many, that the shut-downs would be short lived. “We thought that it would just be a few weeks or maybe a month and that life would resume as normal pretty quickly,” she says. READ FULL STORY

7 Steps to build Confidence of Your Child

What would you do if you find your growing child is losing confidence? Praise her minutest of actions or shower her with gifts that are actually not required? READ FULL STORY

How To Talk To Your Kid About Disabilities

We know the value of talking to kids about inclusion, whether it’s in regard to race, gender, religion or sexuality. But what many conversations about diversity often leave out is disability. READ FULL STORY

Thousands of students reported ‘missing’ from school systems nationwide amid COVID-19 pandemic

States around the country are reporting a significant decline in the number of students enrolled in public school because of the coronavirus pandemic, leaving experts and educators concerned about the trend, and its potential long-term consequences. READ FULL STORY

Why kids are hitting the pandemic wall

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