Early years are good for dual language learning

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Brain research shows that bilingualism is not only possible for young children but can even provide some cognitive advantages. Here’s a link to an article about  Early Dual Language Learning by Fred Genesee. PhD, professor of Psychology at McGill University, whose current research interests include language acquisition in preschool bi-lingual children. His research indicates that birth to 3 years old is a particularly good time for beginning dual language learning because infants and toddlers are particularly competent language learners.

Just read about a little Thanksgiving song shared by Tonya Bays of Corydon, Indiana which helps children to learn to count in Spanish. Try it at home this holiday week.  It is sung to the tune of “Ten Little Indians” and it goes like this Uno little, dos little, tres little turkeys…cuatro little, cinco little, seis little turkeys…siete little, ocho little, nueve little turkeys, diez little turkeys on the farm.

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