Teacher Spotlight: Ebony Duncan

Everything we do at Day Early Learning is aimed at nurturing each child’s social, emotional and educational needs. Our ultimate goal is not only to prepare your child for kindergarten, but also to inspire a lifelong learning journey. Well-educated and trained teachers ensure your child will be in the best hands possible.

Here is your chance to get to know some of our Day Early Learning team members. This week, we highlight Ebony Duncan.

Which Day Early Learning center do you work at?
Eastern Star Church.

What age group do you teach?
I work in a toddler classroom.

How long have you worked at Day Early Learning?
I have been at Day Early Learning for about seven months.

When did you know you wanted to work with children?
Children always gravitated towards me. I started my professional career as a You Program Assistant and my journey grew from there.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I enjoy reading, watching TV, doing word searches and spending time with my family.

What is/was your favorite children’s book?
My favorite children’s book is one that I read to my daughter when she was younger. It’s called Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.

What was the last moment that caused you to stop and remember why you love teaching and working with children?
I am always reminded that this is what I should be doing every time I walk into a class and the children call my name or run over to hug me. I love being able to cheer kids up when they are having a bad day and give them the comfort they need.

What is your favorite thing about working at Day Early Learning?
My favorite thing about working at Day Early Learning is how the center feels like a family. We are always there to help one another if needed, no one complains and everyone does their part to make everything run smoothly.

What other interesting facts do you want us to know about you?
One interesting thing about myself is that I was born in Texas. Also, I am in LOVE with phone cases. I have a full box of them, and I change them out hourly or whenever I feel the need to. I carry some on my person just in case I’m away and need to switch.

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