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Mark Howell, President of Brightpoint, based in Hendricks County, is stepping it up today for United Way.  He is walking from Carmel to Plainfield to show his support of United Way.  Brightpoint has contacted their vendors and have secured pledges to support Mark’s efforts. Mark left Carmel very early morning and is heading down Meridian Street as I write this. He is stopping at the United Way offices near 38th and Meridian Street for breakfast on the front lawn. He will then proceed down Meridian Street at approx 8:45 a.m.  There will be a United Way van following him.  He will stop on Monument Circle to pick up a box lunch from United Way of Central Indiana Campaign Chair Gino Santini and then proceed to Washington Street and then out to Plainfield.  Along the way, many United Way agencies, including Day Nursery, will be along the route to cheer him on.  Look for Day Nursery to be standing with our friends from Family Services and the YMCA on the corner of Meridian and North Streets.  He is scheduled to walk by our location around 10:45. While on his walk, Mark will be cheered on by everyone from an elephant at the Indianapolis Zoo (he is estimated to be there around Noon) and the marching band of Washington High School. Once he gets on Washington St, Hawthorne Center will greet him with children playing maracas. Jameson Camp will be out on US 40 as he comes into Plainfield. When he reaches the finish line, he will be met by the Plainfield Police Dept, the Pacers Fan Jam van and many of his Brightpoint coworkers.  I will post pictures from Mark’s “Step It Up” walk later today.  If you happen to see Mark on his walk today, honk if you support United Way.

Update: Weather was perfect for Mark’s walk today.  Day Nursery and YMCA staff greeted him with signs and cheers. When he reached us, it was about 10:30 and he was almost at the halfway point of his walk.  Here are a few of my pictures


We finally spot Mark and Buddy the Bear from UWCI heading south on Meridian Street

Day Nursery grads Brianna and Claire joined Day Nursery Executive Director Carolyn Dederer and Amy Panetta of the YMCA in greeting Mark at Meridian and North streets.

Mark stopped to read our signs and meet everyone.

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