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Child Care Aware Parent Network logoOn July 15, Representative George Miller, the Chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, introduced the Early Learning Challenge Grants Fund legislation. This measure provides $1 billion per year, for 10 years (a total of $10 billion) to be used by states to strengthen early learning programs.  The goal of the legislation is to significantly increase the number of disadvantaged children in high quality early learning settings.  The House Education and Labor Committee is scheduled to consider the bill on Tuesday, July 21.

To view the latest on early learning proposals in Congress, click to find:

  • The powerpoint for NACCRRA’s member conference call
  • A summary of the legislation
  • The legislative bill language
  • A list of members on the House Education and Labor Committee
  • A link to the House Education & Labor Committee Web site

With the Committee considering the bill Tuesday, we urge you to contact your Member of Congress today to express your support for the legislation and request your Member’s support. The Committee is scheduled to vote on Tuesday, July 21. Therefore, there is not much time. To send an email to your Member of Congress in support of Chairman Miller’s proposal, click here.

Tell your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and others how important it is for them to contact their Members of Congress in support of the Miller Early Learning Challenge Grant proposal. All children should start school ready to succeed.  We can do that by strengthening early learning programs, including child care, throughout every community.  The Miller legislation will help us get there.  It’s a huge step forward and a real opportunity for states to ensure that children are in high quality settings. Take action today!

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