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IMG_0929Our Day Early Learning at Vision Academy center hosted an event called “Hot Cocoa with Grandparents” on December 18, 2015. We sent out an invitation to the grandparents asking them to come in, drink hot cocoa, design an ornament, and visit their grandchild’s classroom. We had an excellent turn out of about twenty grandparents, and the children were very excited when they saw their grandparents at their school. Upon arrival, each of the grandparents decorated an ornament with different types of art materials such as glitter, paint, stickers, and colored sequins. Once finished, they were offered hot chocolate with marshmallows or whip cream. They also got the opportunity to mingle with not only their grandchildren, but also other children and families and teachers in the classrooms.

When the event was over we sent home “Do you want to build a snowman kits” that included different sizes of marshmallow, M&M’s, jelly beans, and pretzel sticks. We thought this activity would be a great way to promote family engagement. This will also allow children to practice their fine motor and language skills while talking with family members during the activity.

IMG_0933Family engagement is a very important foundation that we really focus on in our centers. Not only does it encourage families to spend time together, but it is also a great time to get to know what your children can teach you. Your child can become more successful at learning when they are able to connect what they have learned at school while at home. Our goal is for each of our children to be able to relate what they learn at school and apply it to their everyday lives. Promoting family engagement will also give parents ideas of activities to do at home with their children. It is our biggest hope that practicing this will encourage parents to become more involved in their child’s classroom.



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