In Our Classrooms: Trapping a Leprechaun with Pre-K

 In In Our Classrooms

IMG_1915St. Patrick’s Day was full of fun for the Pre-k 4 classroom at IU Health West Day Early Learning. In previous years, the children have attempted to catch the sneaky leprechaun of Hendricks County, Patchy O’Hooligan.

This year, the children brainstormed during group time and tried to figure out how they were going to catch a leprechaun. Ms. Tracey helped the children research different types of traps. The group decided to build a trap with a “trap door” and they used gold coins as bait.

The next step was deciding what materials they would need in order to make the actual trap. The children were very engaged in the whole process. They even decided to add glitter glue to their gold coins so the coins would “sparkle” and attract the leprechaun. The trap consisted of a cardboard box that they painted green and then decorated with rainbows and shamrocks. One child even wanted to add a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” sign, which he wrote himself.

After naptime, the children woke to find that Patchy had gotten the best of them yet again this year! The leprechaun did manage to get the gold coins, but he left the children some chocolate coins on top of their trap!

While all of this was just for fun, the children did get to experience transferrable learning skills such as research, recalling past events, fine motor skills, teamwork, cause and effect, brainstorming and collaboration. Excellent work Pre-k 4!




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