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One of the things that sets Day Nursery apart from our competition is our longevity in serving the Indianapolis community.  We’ve been educating the youngest children of Indianapolis for over 100 years, so we think we know “old.”  But last Friday during a field trip to Conner Prairie, I got a new perspective of what “old” means when I traveled back in time to 1836 and visited Prairietown with three-year-old Amiel, a student at the Day Nursery State Center; his mother Emily and his sister Marley, age 6 (a Day Nursery graduate) and big brother B.J. age 12.   Thanks to PNC Bank, Amiel and his family received free tickets to Conner Prairie to participate in PNC Community Day.  The community day at Conner Prairie was part of PNC’s commitment to early childhood education and their Grow Up Great campaign. Come step back in time with us, as we visit the Golden Eagle Inn where Amiel got to a push a wheelbarrow and chase some chickens and Marley got to feed a horse and roll out some dough to make cookies.  It is also where we learned we could rent a room for the night (for 12 and a half cents, we said “no thank you” after testing out the straw-filled mattress) and where Amiel (who has just mastered potty training) toured a two-seater outhouse and wondered where the flusher was. All in all, it was a very enjoyable day.  Thanks PNC!

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