Lindsay Snider Celebrates Five Years at Purdue Center

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Lindsay Snider loves working with children because they bring her joy.  

In her job as a classroom support professional at Day Early Learning at Purdue University Early Care and Education Center, Snider shows up every day for the kids and their families. Snider works in the Toddler 2’s room and is celebrating her fifth anniversary at the center this month.  

“The relationships that you build not only with the children but with the families and your coworkers is something that I value and appreciate,” Snider said. 

She also loves how much children learn in the Toddler 2’s room. Every day is an adventure from learning how to socialize and regulate their emotions to learning letters and numbers and beginning to write.  


 “They are just at the point of being independent but still needing you a little bit. They are just so curious,” Snider said. “They want to know more and want to learn – and I think that’s a great thing to have. My favorite time of day is right when they come in the mornings. Those mornings can sometimes be difficult, and that’s why it’s super important to establish a relationship. When their mom and dad are leaving, and they’re upset, we become someone they can run to and feel safe.”  

Snider recently accomplished her CDA, with the goal of becoming a lead teacher in a classroom and continuing to further her education.  

“We need to invest in these children,” Snider said, “because they are our future.”  

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