Pint size scientists

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Here are a few pictures from teachers Mrs. Karin Bish and Mr. Mitch Murphy of the Preschool2 classroom  at the Day Nursery Hendricks County center in Avon.  As a science experiment, the students and their teachers collected  snow in a clear container. They wanted to see how fast the snow would melt inside and also how much water they would have after it melted.  Before they started their experiment, they made predictions about the outcome they expected.  Here is what the students said: 

What we think will happen to the snow we brought inside. 

Brooke: Change to Ice

Sydney: Melt

Nia: Change colors

Halle: Turn to big water

Noah: Maybe it’s going to turn into a book (it was on top of the book shelf at the time)

Sophie: It will take a long time to change

Then they marked the jar with the amount of snow collected and then recorded additional marks at different times during the day as the conditions changed. It looks like a pretty good day’s work for a group of pint-size scientists.

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