Team Lead Elizabeth St. John Celebrates 8 Years at Day Early Learning

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Elizabeth St. John is passionate about helping people grow.

She lives her passion daily as a pre-K teacher at IU Health Day Early Learning, where she helps prepare young minds for kindergarten. And her love for mentoring also extends beyond her classroom walls as she coaches and guides her colleagues as a Team Lead.

This month, St. John celebrates her eighth anniversary with Day Early Learning. She assumed her role of Team Lead about a year ago, and it’s among the most fulfilling “hats” she’s worn during her time in early childhood education. In this role, St. John helps her fellow teachers think through ideas, strategize how to deliver curriculum and navigate children’s social-emotional needs. Especially for newer teachers, she’s someone who is in their corner, so they don’t feel overwhelmed in their position.

St. John is also a PLTW Launch Lead Teacher for Day Early Learning’s STEM curriculum through Project Lead The Way, a role in which she trains new pre-K teachers to deliver the program’s materials. She previously served as a connection point for Day Early Learning families as they enrolled their children in kindergarten.

“I’ve grown a lot as a teacher,” St. John said. “I started off needing a mentor. Now, I’m able to give that back to teachers who need it. I want to help other teachers meet their goals, personally and professionally, and watch them grow in their craft and experience.”


Teaching other people how to teach is a huge highlight as St. John reflects on her time at Day Early Learning.

St. John’s degree is in elementary education, but she was drawn to early childhood education because of the strong, in-person communication a teacher can have with their students’ families. Often, upper-grade teachers don’t get to make those connections every day to understand whether a student is struggling or might need extra help. St. John said she loves having those one-on-one conversations with families each day and seeing how far a child progresses in her classroom.

“I really love watching each child’s growth and development over the year, and I love working with the families,” St. John said. “(Day Early Learning) makes sure teachers are set up for success.”

Congratulations on your eight years with Early Learning Indiana, Elizabeth!

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