Too Cute Tuesday: Day Nursery Federal Center

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Last week the Preschool 1 class at our Day Nursery Federal Center downtown Indianapolis read 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle. Their teacher, Ms. Kesha Booth told the children about the true incident that inspired the book.  In 2003 a shipment of rubber ducks and other bathtub toys fell overboard from a cargo ship and washed up on shores all around the world. The children and their teacher discussed how the ocean is really cold in certain places, and much warmer in other parts.  They decided to see what would happen if they put their ducks in water in the freezer.  They were quite concerned when the ducks were “stuck” in the ice when they took them out.   They then watched the ice melt as they let warm water run over the ducks from the faucet.

Preparing the ducks for their trip to the freezer

Ms. Kesha gets the ducks settled into the freezer in the teacher’s lounge

The children even used binoculars to explore the ducks in their frozen state

A little warm water helped set the ducks free

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