Movin’ on Up: Transitioning to a New Classroom

Supporting your child during classroom transitions

Transitioning to a new classroom can be both challenging and exciting as your child leaves the comfort of one classroom and moves on to new learning experiences in the next!

At Day Early Learning, we work hard to ensure your child is developmentally prepared for the next step in their early learning journey. We also want to provide both you and your child with guidance and support throughout the transition process.

The Transition Process for your child:

  • Typically children move up to the next classroom sometime around their birthday. However, transition times are not exact as they are based on age, state licensing requirements and available space.
  • One or two weeks prior to moving up full time, your child will visit their new classroom every day to gently ease them into their new room. They will increasingly spend more time in their new classroom, gradually learning new routines each day.
  • When possible, we try to have your child transition along with another child in their class to help ease the process.

The Transition Process for you:

  • We encourage you to visit your child’s new classroom as well! Come see your child’s new digs, learn their new routines and meet their new teachers. It also gives you an opportunity to get to know their teachers and discuss any concerns.
  • When your child starts their transition to their new classroom, we will ask you to complete an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). The ASQ asks questions about your child’s growth and development. Your answers will help your child’s new teachers understand what skills you feel your child has already accomplished and what skills you think your child should strengthen.

Have questions or concerns about your child’s transition?

Day Early Learning is here to help. In addition to speaking with your child’s teachers and center director our Family Connect Partners are available to provide further support and guidance to you and your family.

Curious about the learning objectives in your child’s new classroom?

Visit our program pages for more curriculum and classroom information.

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