Unique “Men of Lilly” Family Engagement Group Gets Involved at the Lilly Center

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photo 2Research has shown that fathers, no matter what their income or cultural background, can play a critical role in their children’s education. When fathers are involved, their children learn more, perform better in school, and exhibit healthier behavior. Even when fathers do not share a home with their children, their active involvement can have a lasting and positive impact. Male role models matter.

That’s why Vanessa Fletcher, center director at our Day Early Learning Lilly Family Center, reached out to fathers, grandpas, uncles and important men in the lives of the Lilly children, and the Men of Lilly group was formed. The goal is for them to have a presence in the center and be involved in their children’s class. They’ve already done several activities and helped with projects at the center including creating and installing these activity boards for the children in our preschool classroom to enjoy. Other activities include reading to the children, having lunch with their class and putting on a chili cook off to raise money for their special projects. Thank you Men of Lilly for taking an active roll in your child’s education!

Interested in getting involved in or creating a parents group at your center?

Contact your center director for more information.

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