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Have you seen the bumper stickers around town distributed by the Arts Council of Indianapolis encouraging people to “Be Indypendent: Buy Indy Art”?
Well, I’m always looking to support local people when I spend money on Day Nursery’s behalf so when it came time to find some new artwork for the Day Nursery newsletter and website, I was thrilled to connect with an artist whose work I had admired in an IUPUI publication and who had just launching her career (Read: affordable!)   To make a long story short, let me introduce you to the artwork of Candice Hartsough McDonald.  At Day Nursery, we like to call her “our artist” because we were lucky to be the beneficiary of a month long show of her art this June at the AV Framing Gallery in Fountain Square.  We made alot of new friends in June thanks to Candice’s show and gallery owner, Sarah Adams’ networking skills. Once the show was over, Candice got to work on art created specifically for Day Nursery. I took her on a tour of our Clarian Center so she could see age-appropriate early childhood learning going on first hand.  The illustrations she presented to me a few weeks later were right on the money.  They captured children learning through play. The summer issue of our newsletter will feature two new pieces of Candice’s art created especially for us.  If you want to see more of Candice’s work, check out the link I added today to her website.
Back to the gallery show.  Did I mention it got FOUR STARS? Here’s what Dan Grossman said in NUVO News Weekly about “our” show in his June 11, 2008 review of Candice Hartsough McDonald’s Big HeARTs, Bright Futures: Four stars A bear mowing his yard in front of a red townhouse. A raccoon sipping a can of pop in a tree. These images incongruously leap out of the new work of Candice Hartsough McDonald, who showcased in the AV Framing Gallery June 6. Her “Unruly Tricycle Gang” grabs your attention with the slyly subversive treatment of its subject: a pack of trike-riding bears. One of these bears is throwing a pop can — the trajectory seems bound to hit a fellow bear’s head. This painting, like much of her work, involves mixed media, in this case graphite, watercolor and colored pencil. This exhibit and sale benefit the scholarship fund of the nonprofit Day Nursery Association. Expect a bright future for this gallery and for this prolific local artist.
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  • Colette

    Love the artwork, and kudos to you for seeking a local artist and gallery. Takes some extra effort to form these type of local collaborations, but look at all the good that came out of this! Day Nursery is an important player in the Indianapolis community for many reasons that stretch beyond your critical mission of providing childcare.

  • Reply

    The June show was truly our pleasure! We had a terrific time with both Day Nursery and Candice Hartsough McDonald. Everyone was very helpful and wonderful to work with! Thanks for a great month.

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