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change-the-world-with-a-giving-heartToday is National Philanthropy Day.  This day has been set aside to honor those people and organizations that have helped change the world with a giving heart.  Last year Americans alone donated over $160 billion to charitable causes – and, on this very special day, the Day Nursery staff wants to say thank you.

Day Nursery, the oldest child care provider in the state of Indiana, is one of the few non-profit child care agencies in the Indianapolis area. Day Nursery was created in 1899 by “charity ladies” as they were referred to in those days, the Kings Daughters Society, who provided clothing and food baskets to needy families. Wishing to expand their service, the Kings Daughters established Day Nursery to provide care for the children of working mothers.

Today, almost 110 years later, the Indianapolis community still is generous with their support of our mission.  Each year an average of 250 children are able to get a quality early childhood education thanks to the donors who support our tuition assistance scholarship program.  These scholarships, which are based on need, range from $500 to $7,500 a year.  With community support, we are able to help many working and student families take the steps necessary for financial stability while providing their children with the tools they need to be successful in elementary school and beyond.

Thank you!

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