Family Connect Conferences

Family Connect Conferences are designed to strengthen our partnership with families and provide resources and support for them as their children transition through our centers and into kindergarten.

Family Connect Conferences are tailored to meet the interests and concerns of each family. They can cover topics such as preparing for and enrolling in kindergarten, helping your child make the leap into preschool – understanding classroom expectations and developing social skills, transitioning to toddlerhood – potty training and beyond, and more.

Our goal is to build meaningful partnerships with families, empower families to be advocates for their children, and create opportunities for families to have a significant voice at our centers.

For our families’ convenience, the Family Connect Conference take place at a location that you select, such as a library, coffee shop or your home.

To set up Family Connect Conferences for your family, please complete the form below.

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Meet our Family Connect Partners

Our Family Connect Partners are teachers within our Day Early Learning centers who have been carefully chosen and trained to lead Family Connect Conferences.

  • Marlo Allen
    Marlo Allen Family Connect Partner

    Marlo Allen works as a lead preschool teacher in the classroom and strives to promote a positive learning environment. She plans and implements hands-on activities that develop social skills in the classroom. Marlo holds a degree from Ivy Tech Community College.

  • Dina Brooks
    Dina Brooks Family Connect Partner

    Dina Brooks works with Day Early Learning as a pre-K teacher at our State Government Center and as a Family Connect Partner. She enjoys working with DEL families and their children with Kindergarten readiness. Dina has been with Day Early Learning for 7 years and has worked with Infants, Toddlers, and now pre-K children. She has her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Purdue University.

  • Asia Carter
    Asia Carter Family Connect Partner

    Asia Carter is a preschool teacher at our Day Early Learning Lilly Family Center. She has an associate’s degree in early childhood education from Ivy Tech Community college and she plans to go back to further her education. Asia has been with Day Early Learning  since 2011 and she has worked with children for over 11 years. She loves children and loves to come up with fun activities for them to help their brains develop.

  • Latasha (Tasha) Compton-Watts
    Latasha (Tasha) Compton-Watts Family Connect Partner

    Latasha (Tasha) Compton-Watts works with Day Early Learning’s team as a Family Connect Partner. In this role Tasha provides assistance to parents whose children are transitioning from our pre-K program to kindergarten. Tasha brings 4 years of experience as a Lead Teacher at the IU Health West Day Early Learning center. She has an associate’s degree in early childhood education.

  • Elizabeth Dobrow
    Elizabeth Dobrow Family Connect Partner

    Elizabeth Dobrow is a pre-K lead teacher at our IU Health Day Early Learning center. As a family connect partner, Elizabeth provides support to pre-K families entering kindergarten to help smooth the transition. She brings over 5 years of experience teaching pre-K and kindergarten children, and enjoys working with families to support her students. Elizabeth holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Ball State University.

  • Carla Gill
    Carla Gill Family Connect Partner

    Carla Gill works with Day Early Learning’s team at Park 100 as a preschool lead teacher and family connect partner. She has worked in early childhood education for the past nineteen years. Carla has a technical certificate in Early Childhood Education and is currently pursuing an associate’s degree. Carla has a love and passion for working with children.

  • Chantel Posey
    Chantel Posey Family Connect Partner

    Chantel Posey works as an assistant teacher at Day Early Learning at Eastern Star Church. In her role as a family connect partner she helps parents with the transition from pre-k to kindergarten. Currently, Chantel has her CDA and plans to pursue her associate’s degree in the fall of 2017. Chantel loves engaging with the parents and believes that giving them the tools needed to prepare for kindergarten will help them be successful.

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