Team Members

At Day Early Learning, we support parents as a child’s first teacher. We foster a lifelong love of learning through nurturing relationships with their teachers. Our teachers work to build a strong, trusting relationship with each child and develop partnerships with families.

Training and Certifications

Day Early Learning classroom teachers have specialized training in child development. All center team members participate in learning opportunities to grow their practice and deepen their skills. Each individual receives ongoing support toward achieving their professional goals. All teachers are trained in universal precautions, first aid and CPR.

Classroom Ratios

To ensure each child receives a great deal of individual attention, and in accordance with Indiana licensing requirements, Day Early Learning adheres to the following teacher-to-child ratios.

Group Size Requirement
Our Teacher / Child Ratio
0-12 months*
2 teachers to 8 children
1 teacher to 4 children
12-30 months*
2 teachers to 10 children
1 teacher to 5 children
30-36 months*
2 teachers to 14 children
1 teacher to 7 children
3 years old
2 teachers to 20 children
1 teacher to 10 children
4 years old
2 teachers to 24 children
1 teacher to 12 children
5-12 years old**
2 teachers to 30 children
1 teacher to 15 children

*Children will be with the same teacher and peers for the majority of each day. Classrooms are sometimes combined for a short time early in the morning and late in the afternoon but ratios are maintained.

**Day Early Learning at Purdue University is our only location that offers school-age care. 

Volunteers and Practicum Students

Day Early Learning encourages volunteers and practicum students in our programs because of the benefits children gain from exposure to our diverse community. Volunteers and practicum students who work with children must complete a criminal history background check. Long-term volunteers complete an orientation, while practicum students complete the full new hire process that classroom educators complete. Volunteers are not included in our teacher-to-child ratio; practicum students can be included in the ratio. Neither are left alone with children at any time.