The Role of Adults

All adults work in partnership to ensure a high-functioning and well-run school. Each individual is also responsible for creating and maintaining a nurturing environment for the children and families we serve.

Build strong relationships with children, families and colleagues

  • Establish routines, rituals and structures to support the school family
  • Engage families as active partners in the education of their child(ren)
  • Establish smooth transition routines
  • Seek to understand others’ perspectives or concerns in a productive and empathetic way
  • Examine own assumptions about children and their families; strive continuously to overcome biases and assumptions

Intentional about the decisions they make impacting the education of young children

  • Establish collective goals for children and the school; focus on achieving them
  • Regularly collect, monitor and evaluate child data to plan for individualized learning, growth and development
  • Use data to understand the effectiveness of programmatic and practice decisions in order to engage in continuous quality improvement
  • Leverage diverse perspectives to generate new ideas, solutions and strategies
  • Utilize knowledge of community, systems and relevant research when making decisions

Create a supportive learning environment through collaboration

  • Communicate regularly with school colleagues and families to reflect, share, plan and support
  • Identify potential problems, take initiative to generate solutions, elevate concerns as necessary
  • Actively contribute to a positive and supportive workplace culture
  • Confer with peers and subject matter experts to share strategies and improve practice

Continually appraise own competencies, seek feedback and adjust practice as necessary to meet the needs of children

  • Engage in self-reflective practices at regular intervals
  • Collaboratively develop and utilize an individual professional growth plan with ambitious, achievable goals
  • Seek and utilize resources to improve own practice and knowledge base
  • Consistently seek out and participate in collaborative learning

Everyone in our Day Early Learning centers empowers children with essential skills.