10+ Ways To Ensure Your Child is Prepared for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a big step! There are several ways you can help your child make that leap. Here are some simple activities you can do with your child to help them prepare for kindergarten.

  1. Read every day! Talk about the words in books. Ask your child to predict what will happen next in the stories. Or ask your child to make up their own stories.
  2. Create opportunities to talk about how your child is feeling about starting school. Go on a walk or somewhere where there won’t be any distractions.
  3. Help build excitement around their first day of kindergarten. Take them to pick out a backpack, lunch box or other school supplies.
  4. Encourage independence and responsibility. Have your child do daily tasks and help with household chores like helping put away laundry.
  5. Help your child label their emotions and talk about appropriate ways to express those emotions. For example, “I see that you are feeling frustrated right now…”
  6. Explore places and your surroundings and talk about what you see, hear and do. Play the alphabet game while driving in the car.
  7. Encourage drawing and “writing” by providing paper, pencils, markers and crayons.
  8. Point out words and numbers in everyday activities.
  9. Make things together using different materials, even recycled items you already have like paper towel tubes or egg cartons.
  10. Play guessing games, like I spy, with your child.
  11. Encourage pretend play, especially with other children.


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