Alumni Spotlight: Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith has lived all over the country and never expected to wind up back in Indianapolis, raising her children not far from where she grew up in Butler Tarkington. You’ve probably seen the stamp she makes on the city in her designs and events, from Black Expo to Macy’s fashion shows and displays to her styling the a cappella group Naturally 7, to her many fashion segments on local TV.

Danielle attended the Lilly Family center in the early ‘80’s and remembers it clearly. “I have very fond memories. I remember all the clothing and what I wore – my mom jokes that all my memories are fashion-based! There was a cottage between the center there and the church (TAB) and that’s where the preschool was. I remember it felt like a family.”

One memory that stands out for her: “The school had a mini 500 race with tricycles and I was SO excited but I didn’t get to attend because my grandfather decided to take my sister and me to Carb Day. I cried the entire time I was at IMS and the whole way home. My parents were like, ‘really??’ but I just really loved being there and was planning on that mini 500 for a long time.”

In college, Danielle majored in fashion and landed an internship with a designer in New York City. As she was finishing school, 9/11 happened and it changed her mind about returning to the city. She started a job at (then) Parisian at the Circle City Mall that morphed into bigger and better jobs.
She now freelances and is in demand as an event designer and stylist. Now a married mom of two, she has another project: a children’s book, due out in spring of 2018. You can learn more about her designs and see her work on social media.

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