Babies learning math?! It’s true. Your little one is already a tiny mathematician, learning basic math concepts every day!

From numbers and shapes to patterns and spatial relationships, babies discover math concepts throughout their day in our classrooms. Through the intentional guidance of our Day Early Learning teachers, math is woven into daily conversations and activities.

Below are a few examples of math learning you will see in our infant classrooms

  • Babies explore objects of different textures, shapes, sizes and colors, while teachers use math words to describe those objects. For example, “You’re rolling the big, red ball. I’m rolling the small, green ball.”
  • Teachers read stories that include counting and numbers.
  • Teachers sing songs that are repetitive, helping babies learn about patterns.
  • Babies crawl through small tunnels or boxes which helps them learn spatial and body awareness.
  • Teachers play games such as “patty-cake” to help babies become aware of their body in relation to others’.
  • Teachers establish daily routines to help babies understand patterns.

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