Ideas to Spark Learning at Home

There are simple ways to encourage your preschooler’s development and get them ready for school. No worksheets, flashcards or Pinterest-worthy activities needed! Here are a few simple and educational ideas to spark learning at home.

Assign your child chores

Chores allow children to have ownership and gives them a sense of responsibility. They also help build their self-esteem and give them a sense of pride. Even young toddlers are capable of helping with simple chores. Have toddlers put their blocks away in their tub or put their books back in the basket. Have preschoolers sort their books from largest to smallest as they put them away. Don’t forget to praise them enthusiastically!

Build a garden

All you really need is a cup, dirt, water and a bean. Together, you go through the process of planting the seed and watching it grow. Each day allow your child to water the plant. Also start an observation journal where your child can draw out the steps their plant took to grow. This activity will teach hard work and perseverance skills.

Family night fun

Designate a family board game night once or twice a month. This will promote language skills. It will also allow your child to practice following directions. Once it becomes a continuous activity for your family you all can create your own family game to play. This will promote creativity and leadership skills.

I spy

While in the car, point out different color cars you see. Switch off by naming the color of the car or even count how many red (blue, grey, black) cars you see on the way to your destination.

Laundry sorting

We all can admit that laundry isn’t one of our favorite tasks. However, it’s a great activity to get our children involved. Allow your child to sort the clothes by color, and/or type. Then have your child count how many clothing items are in each group and then they can figure out which group has the most or less items of clothes. This activity will help with counting, sorting, and language skills.

Grocery store scavenger hunt

Create a list of items that your child would like to find at the grocery store. Sort the items by type: vegetables, fruit, diary, breads, and meats. After creating the list, go to the grocery store and together go and find each item off the list. Once completed, allow your child to pick out one of their favorite items to buy. This activity promotes language, problem solving, and math skills.

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