Week of the Young Child takes place April 1-7. It is an annual celebration of children, their families and the early childhood programs that are critical in their development. To celebrate the week and make the most of your child’s out-of-school learning, we’ve put together daily activities you can do at home using our activity kit. Activity kits are based on “Grace and Box” written by Kim Howard and illustrated by Megan Lotter.

Day Early Learning will be celebrating the #WOYC23 all week in our centers and providing opportunities for families to continue learning objectives at home. Each child in a Day Early Learning classroom will be sent home with an activity kit which will allow them to celebrate the following daily themes:

  • Music MondayOn Box’s first adventure he was a rocket that went to space. Turn one side of your box into a musical instrument and rock out to songs all about space using our spotify playlist: sa1.io/8vOa. You can use any of your art supplies to do this so get creative! We suggest using the strings and popsicle sticks to create a guitar.
  • Theater/Tasty TuesdayOne of Box’s adventures was as a submarine on an underwater excursion. Make your own version of “Box theater.” Use the art supplies provided and decorate Box to look like he is going on an adventure under the sea! Use your imagination and act out an underwater scene with your family.
  • Work Together WednesdayWhen Box was sick, Grace did many things to try and help him feel better. Now it’s your turn to look around your house for some objects that could help Box feel better! Use our scavenger hunt card, included in your activity box to get started.
  • Artsy ThursdayBox went on an escapade and became a pirate ship. Now it’s your turn to create your own hat using the paper provided. This page contains instructions on how to fold your paper into a hat. Use the art supplies to decorate another side of your box to look like a pirate ship!
  • Family Friday – To finish out the week, read your “Grace and Box” book together as a family! During the book reading, talk through some of the questions below with your child. Afterward, decorate the final side on your box, making it look like your dream adventure. Dream big!
    • Where would you want to go on an adventure with Box?
    • What would you do while you were there?
    • Would you and Box wear any fun clothes or costumes while you were on your adventure?

Have fun, take photos and share them with us through social media by tagging @DayEarlyLearning or by texting 855-379-3471. *By sending photos to Day Early Learning, you are approving the photos for use by Day Early Learning in print, on social media and any other marketing materials.


Music Monday

Tasty Tuesday

Work Together Wednesday

Artsy Thursday

Family Friday