Week of the Young Child 2024

Join Day Early Learning in celebrating the Week of the Young Child, April 6-12. WOYC is a nationwide, annual celebration of early learning, young children, their teachers and families. This week was started by the  National Association for the Education of Young Children  (NAEYC), the world’s largest early childhood education association. 

We’re celebrating #WOYC24 all week in our classrooms and providing opportunities for families to continue learning at home. The world is vast with many opportunities to spark the curiosity and imagination of your child. On April 4, each child will receive a world exploration themed activity kit and book. 

The book is “All the World,” written by Liz Garton Scanlon and illustrated by Marla Frazee. This story follows a family as they visit different places, connecting with each other and the world around them. #WOYC24 will give that same opportunity to you and your family. 

Activity Kits

Activity kits will be available to families at pick-up on April 4. This year’s theme is “Explore the World.” The kits will include activities that follow the different themes of WOYC: Music Monday, Theater Tuesday, Work Together Wednesday, Artsy Thursday and Family Friday. Please encourage families to take their activity kits and have fun! 

Music Monday

Space is out of this world — and we can see it from our houses when we look outside and up at the sky at night. Decorate your shakers with cool space-themed stickers and rock out to songs all about space using our Spotify playlist: sa1.io/8vOa. Encourage your child to practice big and small dance moves, helping them develop fine and gross motor skills. 

Theater Tuesday

The Arctic is a cold place, but there are animals that live there. Use paper bags and crayons to make your own penguin hand puppets and perform a puppet show. Be imaginative and act out a scene with your child. Telling stories helps foster curiosity.

Work Together Wednesday

The ocean is a vast place with so many cool animals. Since we don’t live near the ocean, we brought the ocean to your house with an ocean sensory bag. Fill one of the provided plastic zipper bags with water, add fish, glitter and pom poms to bring your ocean to life. Place the filled bag in the second bag just in case of any leaks! Talk with your child about the different shapes and textures in your sensory bag. 

Artsy Thursday

The jungle has a lot of trees and plants, but it also has lots of animals. One of those animals is a snake. With paper plates, red felt circles, crayons and a pair of scissors, you and your child can create two unique jungle snakes. Color the plates and then cut them into a spiral. Cut the red felt into a tongue shape and tape or glue it to the snake’s head. Talk with your child about the different colors and shapes involved in this project as you are creating. 

Family Friday

To finish out the week, read your “All the World” book together as a family and talk through some of the questions below. Afterward, decorate your travel box, making it look like your dream suitcase. Get creative! 

  • Where would you want to go in the world? 
  • What would you do while you were there? 
  • Would you and your family see any animals there, if so, what kind? 

Have fun, take photos and share them with us through social media by tagging @DayEarlyLearning or by texting 855-379-3471. By sending photos to Day Early Learning, you are approving the photos for use by Day Early Learning in print, on social media and any other marketing materials. 

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