Family Engagement

Open Door Policy

You are your child’s first and most important teacher and are always welcome here. Feel free to visit the center and participate in special programs and activities. Your participation is important to your child’s success.

Communication Method

We strive to create an open and continuous communication system that is timely and informative. We communicate with parents and guardians through digital tools, daily interactions and monthly newsletters and calendars. Learn more about them below.

Digital Tools

Your child’s center will communicate through digital platforms, which families can access online from a computer or smartphone. Through these platforms, Day Early Learning communicates:

  • Pictures and videos of learning and play activities
  • Reports of daily activities such as naps, meals and diaper changes
  • Sign in/out 

Once enrolled, you will receive an email with instructions for getting started with your school’s platform.

Daily Interaction

We encourage you to take time at drop off and pick up to talk with your child’s teachers about your child’s day and address any questions or concerns. This is a great time to collaborate on your child’s learning journey. For a more in-depth meeting, please talk to your school leadership team to set up a meeting.


Family-teacher conferences give you and your child’s teacher an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. These conferences usually take place in the fall and spring. Please check with your school leader for specific dates. Additional conferences may be arranged as needed.

Family Engagement Events

Day Early Learning holds child development and parenting workshops periodically, and we hope you will take advantage of being part of the learning experience. We also schedule informal meetings from time to time to provide an opportunity for idea sharing.

Special announcements about center activities, calendars, nurse visits, informative articles and more are posted on TVs in the center lobby and on various bulletin boards throughout your center. Check them often to stay up to date on center and community news. You are welcome to take information or resources displayed in our lobby.

Please see a school leadership team member if you are interested in participating in a parent involvement group or activity.

Family Service Plans

Day Early Learning works with families with an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP), Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and any other individualized plan that addresses specific disabilities or special learning needs. Our team members will work with the resource team, including therapists, to ensure the program meets your child’s specific needs.

Teachers observe children daily and document these observations. This information is used to create lesson plans and to share the child’s progress and development with families. When special concerns arise, teachers discuss them confidentially with parents in a private area and provide the family with resources and referrals when necessary.