Our Theory of Teaching
and Learning

Day Early Learning’s Theory of Teaching and Learning is the foundation for how we accomplish our mission to prepare children to thrive in Kindergarten and beyond.

The Early Essentials

We empower children with essential skills to be successful in kindergarten and beyond by building their core knowledge and abilities to process new information and adapt:

Infusing flexible thinking strategies

Building confidence to explore and take initiative

Sparking curiosity about the world around them

Drawing out effective expression of ideas

Engineering collaboration among children and with teachers

Strengthening persistence and resilience

How Children Learn

We believe every child...

Is Competent and Capable

Learns Through Relationships with Adults and Peers

Constructs Knowledge from Diverse Experience

Learns and Develops at a Unique and Individual Pace

Is Constantly Learning

The learning environment matters


Responsive and caring relationships establish the secure base from which children can explore the world.


Play is crucial to children’s physical, intellectual and social development.

Understanding Context

Each child must be understood within the context of their individual family, community and experiences.

Access to Resources

Each child has access to the educational resources they need to thrive.


Each child’s positive attributes are identified and recognized.

Predictable Context

Each child thrives in the context of predictable relationships, routines and actions

Everyone in our Day Early Learning centers empowers children with essential skills.