Alumni Profile: Milicent Wright

Milicent Wright attended Day Nursery Lockerbie center in the late 60’s. 

Milicent Wright, Day Nursery alumna, in Bridge and Tunnel at the IRT, spring 2016.
Milicent Wright, Day Nursery alumna, in Bridge and Tunnel at the IRT, spring 2016.

Milicent is a bit of a celebrity in Indianapolis, known to many for her dozens of acting roles on stage at the Indiana Repertory Theatre (IRT) for nearly thirty years. Milicent remembers her time attending the original Day Nursery center in Lockerbie.

“I liked it. The center was diverse at a time when the city was segregated. It had a fun playground and a fun atmosphere. I also remember being a Brownie.” That Brownie troop was headed by Dotty Reehling, an Auxiliary member still very active in the Day Nursery Auxiliary. “And beanie weenies – I’ve never had those since (hot dogs and baked beans) but I remember eating them there.”

A very early reader, Milicent left the center in 1969 to attend St. Richards School. She went on to attend Indiana University where she studied drama. She stayed in Indianapolis to pursue her career in theatre and be close to family.

In addition to her time on stage, Milicent serves the IRT as its outreach manager, introducing children to live theatre through performances, classes, and by bringing theatre artists in classrooms. “I’ve always been an arts lover.” Milicent is much more than that – she has dedicated her life to inspiring young people and creating art, making a deep and meaningful impact in Indianapolis.

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