Alumni Spotlight: Harper Pockrass

Forging His Way in the World

Harper Pockrass loves basketball, horror movies and hip-hop music, like many 5th grade boys. So much so, that he dreams of one day being a professional athlete, or a movie or music star. Harper is 11 years old and attends St. Richards School. He is growing into a fine young man. He started off his early education at IU Health Day Early Learning center.

His sister may be setting a family trend for a career in the arts: she also attended a Day Early Learning center many years earlier than Harper, and she is currently in pursuing her M.F.A. at New York University after completing her B.F.A. at the arts school in the Art Institute of Chicago.

Harper’s parents have both served on the Early Learning Indiana (then Day Nursery) board of directors and have been actively involved in the organization’s success. Harper’s mom, Kathy Osborn, remembers Harper’s time at the IU Health center, “One teacher I very fondly remember is Ms. Nicki, who cared for Harper as a baby when he first came to Day Nursery at 4 or 5 months old. She was so caring, fun and joyful in the way she cared for Harper and all of the babies.”

Harper recalls the snacks “I remember getting treats at the end of the day!” Another lasting influence of his time at the center is his friendship with his best pal Thomas. Thomas and Harper attended the center together and both went on to St. Richards. Harper says they are still best friends today.

We know there are great things ahead for this alum and will look for him on the big screen, the court, or the airwaves!

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