Tracey Wickware: Day Early Learning Excellent Educator

Congratulations to Tracey Wickware, 2017 Kathy Klatte Nominee from our Day Early Learning Fort Harrison center! Tracey is a preschool teacher who demonstrates excellence in early childhood education.

When asked what motivates her to go above and beyond, Tracey says, “The kids! I love working with children. People underestimate them too much. Children can run with ideas and are excited about life. When I went to child care as a child, it was such a good experience and I want others to have that same experience.”

From creating a curriculum for each child’s interests and developmental stage, to engaging families in their child’s early education, Tracey is certainly working to make her student’s experience a good one. She’s also creating a community of preschoolers who are passionate about learning. Tracey shares that one of the most important things she does as a teacher is to listen. By listening, not giving children the answer right away and letting them figure things out on their own, Tracey encourages children to be critical thinkers and gives them the confidence to solve their own problems.

Tracey’s passion for early education extends beyond the classroom through collaboration with families and coworkers.  She helps families understand what the children are working on in different areas and why it’s important for their development. She  encourages families through challenging times by offering support and techniques that have worked for her. Tracey also shares ideas and resources with other teachers to improve each child’s early education experience.

Tracey also has an enthusiasm for learning herself. She continues to renew and improve her skills through workshops and online training. She has been working on how to better interact with her bilingual families and also plans to finish her bachelor’s degree.

Thank you Tracey for your hard work and passion for your students and their early education!


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