It’s important to consider all of the benefits of daycare in a high-quality environment when choosing the right child care center for your little learner.

Children’s brains develop faster from birth to age 5 than any other time in their lives. In fact, 90% of brain development occurs before a child enters kindergarten. It’s important for parents to take advantage of these early childhood years by encouraging as much development as possible. One effective way to do this is by enrolling your child in an early childhood education program.

Day Early Learning understands how to take advantage of these crucial first years. Program educators are trained to nurture the social, developmental and cognitive needs of children under 5. In this article, we break down the benefits of our programs and early childhood education as a whole.

Social Skills

Early childhood education programs help children develop social skills. Rather than staying home all day, children are exposed to other kids and adults outside of their families.

In a high-quality early childhood education setting, children are surrounded by others in their age group and learn valuable interpersonal skills such as listening, sharing and expressing emotions. Establishing these skills early can help set children up for healthier social lives in future years.

Day Early Learning considers social skills and collaboration to be one of six essential skills that help prepare young children for the world of kindergarten and beyond. The six essential skills we focus on are:

  • Building Social Skills and Collaboration
  • Sparking Curiosity
  • Building Confidence to Explore and Take Initiative
  • Enhancing Skills to Express Ideas
  • Strengthening Persistence and Resilience
  • Igniting Imagination to Support Flexible Thinking

Linked to Greater Success in Life

Young children who attend daycare in high-quality settings are more likely to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. This is one of the most important benefits of daycare. As they get older, those children are 25% more likely to graduate high school and four times more likely to complete a bachelor’s degree. Once these babies and toddlers move on to be college graduates, they tend to earn more in the workforce.

Day Early Learning has shaped the futures of thousands of children for over 100 years. So many have gone on to make incredible impacts on our Hoosier communities including the Pockrass Family and Danielle Smith.

Freedom for Parents

One of the major pros of early childhood education is the freedom it gives parents. Without child care, it’s extremely difficult for parents to secure full-time work or attend school. But with quality daycare, parents are able to take back some time for themselves.

Early childhood education programs are a safe and secure place for parents to leave their kids during the day while they work. Consider enrolling your little learners in one of our many early childhood education programs around central Indiana. There are also funds available to help make early childhood education accessible to all families.

Health and Behavioral Screenings

Another one of the pros of daycare in a high-quality setting is the help qualified educators give in tracking developmental milestones. It can be difficult for busy parents or untrained stay-at-home parents to monitor these milestones.

Early childhood educators are knowledgeable about the developmental milestones for children of all ages, and they’re trained to look for indicators that milestones aren’t being met. They’re also trained to formally screen for these milestones. When you enroll your child in an early childhood education program, you’re leaving them with professionals who perform these screenings and report the results back to you.

Day Early Learning is one of the few child care providers that has a pediatric nurse practitioner on staff. Families are encouraged to establish a relationship with a primary health care provider but can use the staff nurse as a resource if desired. Our nurse provides clinics as needed for routine physical examinations and immunizations for those who qualify. Our nurse can evaluate your child’s health problem(s) if you request this service.

Dental and lead screenings are also available to Day Early Learning families throughout the year.

Positively Impacts Society

Early childhood education has multi-generational impacts. The children who attend quality daycare or child care centers are more likely to grow up and contribute positively to their communities and workplaces.

While children attend daycare in a safe environment, parents have the freedom to work and advance in their own careers. Families are actually investing in their futures and the future of their children by sending their little learners to a high-quality learning environment. In fact, every dollar invested in a high-quality daycare center yields a $6.30 return on investment in the future for that family.

At Day Early Learning, we are passionate about providing the best child care option for central Indiana families. We believe early childhood education has the power to transform a child’s future.

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